CAREERS 30th Anniversary Celebration

Vinny Migliaccio

Congratulations to our Employee of the Year, Vinny Migliaccio, pictured with Stop & Shop Managers Anthony Anzano and Stephen Neilson, (right and left) and Employment Specialist Allison Scorca.

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Special Awards

Norm Fintz

Norm Fintz receives the Supervisor of the Year Award from CAREERS Employment Specialist Allison Scorca.

Linda Schramm

Linda Schramm from ACCES-VR, received the Outstanding Program Support Award from CAREERS Jennifer Retacco and client Ben Rodell.

Steve Jaffee

Steve Jaffee receives the Outstanding Professional Advocate Award from CAREERS client Stephen Booth.


Katherine Culhane, left, received CAREERS Outstanding Parental Support Award and Tom Culhane was our 2017 Retirement Honoree. They are pictured with Ellen Culhane, second from left and CAREERS Carmel Program Coordinator Rebecca Appleyard.

Gus and Karen Pourakis, (left and right) receive the Investing in Futures Award from their former intern Brian Callhan and CAREERS Transition and Work Based Learning Coordinator Serena Shea.










Personal Achievement Awards


Joe Doalan, with Employment Specialist Lynn Newman

Doug Cuzzi, right, with Community Instructor Dave Duncan

Nicole Flynn,(not pictured)

 Awards of Appreciation

Jessica Eckback presents Anthony Falco and Mike Bock with an Award of Appreciation for the Our Lady of the Lakes Chapter of the Knights of Columbus in Carmel.

Katherine Schoengood, (center) presents Drew Coburn and Mary Ann Luna from United Way of Westchester and Putnam with an Award of Appreciation.








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Costco                     Peoples United Community Foundation            Wells Fargo

Entergy                   The Standard

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