Anniversary Photos 2012

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September 13, 2012

“The government wants everyone to maximize their capabilities and that’s what CAREERS has done for so many people. So many of their clients have been employed for 10, 20 or more years – we don’t even see this sustainability in the nondisabled community today! It is CAREERS selectivity, care and support that has helped create this enviable record.”

Senator Suzi Oppenheimer

“Programs like CAREERS help people with disabilities find a sense of purpose and give them the opportunity to learn and shine. I see such pride here tonight in the face of each and every client. Thanks to CAREERS and the companies who offer our children employment so that they can contribute and open doors to opportunity.”

Christine Greco, Parent

“Thank you CAREERS and my Employment Specialist Marie O’Connor for giving me the drive to get to work and a reason to get up every day.”

Sandra Samuels
Personal Achievement Award Winner


“There were so many beautiful moments at your Anniversary Celebration and for good reason – we all felt the love that emanated from you and your remarkable staff who make each client feel motivated and special.”

Laurie Cameron
Board President of Westchester Exceptional Children’s School, North Salem

“Listening to the accomplishments of so many, including your consumers; their families; the businesses, corporations and foundation that support you, was a heartwarming and a learning experience. Your program was splendidly presented and so meaningful to each and every
attendee . . . Thank you for the awesome work you do.”

Gwenn Canfield, ACCES-VR
District Manager of Workforce
Development and Business Relationships

“On behalf of PepsiCo ENAble committee, I would like to express our sincere appreciation for providing the opportunity for us to host the annual dinner event organized by CAREERS for People with Disabilities, Inc. It was our privilege to take part in this celebration and recognition of achievement.”

Dr. Sara Aldaous
PepsiCo EnAble