Years with CAREERS!

For thirty-two years, CAREERS has helped people who want to work.
We help them find a job and teach them how to keep it.

Here are some of our hardworking clients, proud of their years of successful employment.

Natasha Malik

Natasha Malik has been at the Stop and Shop in New Rochelle for 4 years, and has been with CAREERS for 16!

Noah Feld

Noah Feld has worked as a baker at both ShopRite and Pathmark with the support of his CAREERS Employment Specialist.

Lorena P. has worked at Le Pain Quotidien in Rye since she graduated after working with CAREERS in High Scool

Nichole Gable

Nicole Gable has been at ShopRite in Croton-on-Hudson for 6 years.

Warren Forbes

Warren Forbes has been at the Westchester County Department of Corrections for since 1989 and a CAREERS client since 1999!

Richard Duffield

Richard Duffield has been on the job at Diversified Maintenance for 2 years!

Joe Morvillo

Joe Morvillo has been doing a great job at St. Patrick’s Church in Yorktown Heights since 2006!

Chris Hoch

Chris Hoch has been working as a stock clerk at Mrs. Greens in the Yorktown Triangle Center since 1999!

Tom Culhane

Tom Culhane recently retired from ShopRite in Croton-on-Hudson after 24 years!

Rosalie Knapick

Rosalie Knapic has been at Stop & Shop and CAREERS for 13 years.

Nick Scarnatti

Nick Scarnatti has been with CAREERS since high school and has worked for Turco’s in Yorktown for 4 years!

Michelle Vivenzio

Michelle Vivenzio has been with CAREERS and Foodtown in Cold Spring for 15 years!

Sandra Samuels

Sandra Samuels has been with CAREERS for and Turco’s Market for 7 years.

Jessica with carts

Jessica Eckback has been with Tops Friendly Market for 12 years, and with CAREERS for 17!

Katherine Schoengood

Katherine Schoengood has been with CAREERS and Stop & Shop in Tarrytown, for 12 years.

Tom Adimari

Tom Adimari has worked for Aramark in Chappaqua for 14 years and with CAREERS for 20.

Stephen Booth

Stephen Booth has been with CAREERS Ambition in Motion (AIM) program for 5 years.

Shannon Hayes

Shannon Hayes has been a CAREERS client and Barnes and Noble employee for 9 years

Patrick Noone

Patrick Noone has been with Stop & Shop in White Plains and CAREERS for 2 years.

Cynthia Wanamaker

Cynthia Wannamaker has been a CAREERS client for 8 years and worked at Stop & Shop in New Rochelle for 10!

Cynthia Anderson works at Stop & Shop in Portchester.

Steven Silvagni

Steven Silvagni has participated in our Ambition In Motion Program for the past year.

Nick Cinquei

Nick Cinque has been part of our Ambition In Motion (AIM) group for 2 years.

Mike Marchetti

Mike Marchetti has also been part of Ambition In Motion (AIM) for 2 years.

John Hannon

John Hannon has been with CAREERS and Walmart in Cortlandt for 20 years.

Freddy Acker

Freddy Acker has been in our Ambition In Motion (AIM) program for 2 years.

Lyle Davidson and Glenn Ross

Lyle Davidson, (pictured right), a CAREERS client for 21 years, with Glenn Ross, owner of S & H Uniforms, where Lyle has been a valued employee for 14 years!

Vinnie Migliaccio

Vinnie Migliaccio has worked at the Port Chester Stop & Shop for 2 years, and has been a CAREERS client for 20 years! He is pictured with Assistant Manager Gary Devita.

Pul Mauro

Paul Mauro has been a CAREERS client since High School and has worked at Stop and Shop in North White Plains for 2 years.

Lukas Guzman

Lukas Guzman was part of CAREERS High School Internship program and now works for Trinity Elementary School in New Rochelle.

John Lefurgy

John Lefurgy has worked at Acme in Greenburgh for 25 years.

Patty Polachek

Patty Polachek worked for Crothall at the Westchester Medical Center for 12 years. Before that she worked for Westchester Medical Center. She recently retired after 33 years on the job!

Ryan Moynihan

Ryan Moynihan started as an intern and is now employed by New York Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital. We’ve been honored to work with him since high school!

Sheree Ferguson

Sheree Ferguson has been with Stop & Shop in Yonkers for 14 years!

Marek Slusarczyk

Marek Slusarczyk has been at Tops in Carmel for 4 years and a CAREERS client for 6.