Years with CAREERS!


For 34 years, CAREERS has helped people with disabilities who want to work find jobs.
Importantly, we provide the programs and services they need to keep their jobs.  
The ongoing support that we give our clients — usually for many, many years — is what ensures their long-term workplace success.

Our continual encouragement and help enables CAREER clients
to stay employed for years, even decades.

Here are some of our hard-working clients, proud of their years of successful employment.

John Lefurgy Lyle Davidson Noah Feld
Derek Deinhardt Jessica Ekback Sheree Ferfuson
Joe Morvillo Frank DeSimone Katherine Schoengood
Vicky Byrd Cynthia Wannamaker Shannon Hayes
Nick Scarnatti Ben Rodell Michael Herdman
Robert Jankowsky Sho Tanaka Tiffany Stephen Booth
Peter Marshall Giovanna Celiento Philip Ferris
Lukas Guzman Michael Marchetti Mariah Scarnatti
Ahmed Gonzales Malik Younger Harpal Arora
Nicholas Piccirillo Madison Higgs Liam Tannian