CAREERS offers comprehensive, person-centered programs to help individuals with disabilities prepare for, find and keep rewarding jobs. 

Our programs are free of charge to Westchester, Putnam and lower Dutchess County residents with disabilities.


Supported Employment Program

Our main program in which we utilize a unique one-on-one approach to provide services based on each individual’s needs. We provide job preparation support, creative job placement, on-the-job training, and ongoing support services.

We have developed several programs to address specific needs of our clients. These programs include:

School-to-Work Transition Program

We reach out to high school juniors and seniors to help them make an easier transition into the workforce once they graduate. This early outreach prepares students to meet the challenges of getting a job and developing a career path.

CAREERS contracts with area school districts to teach life skills to students often setting up internships, at local employers. Our staff coach students at their internships, providing job training, advice and support to help the students reach their full potential. Our Employment Specialist works closely with employers and teachers to assure that each student gets the full benefit of their internship and that the employer is satisfied that the student can adequately perform their responsibilities.

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Site-Based Internship Program

Our Education and Employment Initiative reaches student with disabilities early in their employment search and helps them make a successful transition to the workforce by addressing their unemployment issues early, helping them acquire the experience needed to live productive and fulfilling lives.

CAREERS teaches life and job skills to students at various internship sites, providing job training and support to help the students reach their potential. Each employer offers a variety of jobs for students to explore, including food service, office skills and recreation, with students working in several departments during each school year. Our Employment Specialist work closely with employers and teachers to assure each student gets the full benefit of their internship and that the employer is satisfied with their performance.

On Course for College

Our newest program helps students manage the complexity of college while enhancing their independence and self-esteem.  On Course for College is available to students 18 or older who have a documented disability, are referred by ACCES-VR and meet the admission requirements of a college for a degree or certificate program.

Students receive assistance with admission, health and financial aid forms; help with the registration and course selection process and personalized access to campus information including tutoring, student rights, accommodations and resources. Our staff will arrange a personalized tour of the campus, be available for ongoing social support and provide services tailored to the unique and changing needs of each participant, including problem solving, coping skills and stress management.

Participants in the program will establish and achieve academic goals and can look forward to enhanced relationship with peers and improved social and interpersonal skills, resulting in opportunities for meaningful employment.

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Workforce Readiness & Financial Education Job Club

Designed to prepare disabled individuals for the challenging process of finding and maintaining a job. In a group setting, we provide in-depth classroom instruction to provide the skills necessary to apply for and obtain employment. We focus specifically on writing an effective resume, successfully negotiating the interview process, and securing a position in keeping with a client’s skills and interests.


Unpaid work experiences for high school students as well as adults with disabilities at various community worksites to develop work skills specific to each individual’s interests and abilities.

Ambition In Motion (AIM) Program

AIM is a day habilitation without walls program that fills a void in the community for individuals not yet ready to participate in a supported work program. Tailored to their needs, interests and potential, the program provides diverse opportunities to interact and contribute to the local community, while learning independent living and employment skills.  AIM participants do everything from shopping to landscaping to office tasks – providing volunteer support to the community while learning valuable life and work skills. This unique program teaches skills and provides interaction within the community. Our AIM Program uses a person-centered approach. There are transportation options available (if needed), depending on where participants live, with pick-up and drop-off at home or a convenient location. Services are provided free to participants and funding is provided by OPWDD. 

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Employment Training Program (ETP)

ETP offers individuals an opportunity to work in an internship that will lead to permanent employment in a community business. During the internship, wages will be paid by OPWDD directly to the client while they learn the skills needed for the job. ETP participants may also attend job readiness classes that present topics such as conflict resolution and how to dress for work. ETP services include increased job development and job coaching as well as assistance with other employability skills.

Community Prevoc

Prevocational services provide the opportunity for individuals to participate in general training activities to build on their strengths and overcome barriers to employment. These services assist individuals who want to work, but who need extra help to develop the skills need to be successful in the workplace.

Pathway to Employment

Pathway to Employment service is available to individuals expressing an interest in determining if they are work-ready. It is a person-centered employment planning and support service that provides assistance for individuals to participate in career exploration.  These are typically individuals who receive Day Habilitation, Pre-Vocational and Supported Employment services, as well as students leaving high school.

Ticket To Work (TTW)

TTW is an employment support program, sponsored by the Social Security Administration, for individuals with disabilities who want to work and earn enough to become self-supporting. CAREERS is a qualified Employment Network (EN), and an individual can choose CAREERS to provide the essential services and supports needed to find, obtain and maintain a job.

Jobs for Seniors

We can help residents of Westchester, Putnam or Dutchess County, who are at least 55 years old,  to find the right job — at no cost!  CAREERS teaches workforce readiness skills, assists with resume preparation, helps find job openings, arranges interviews and provides interview prep.  Our staff is available for job placement and can provide ongoing support for as long as needed. Our services are tailored to meet each individuals unique needs, including problem solving and stress management.  Click here for info.

For a detailed explanation of our program and services, click here.