Our Workforce Readiness Program Works

Read about how we helped Shauna find a job….

CAREERS Workforce Readiness Placement and Training Program is just a few years old, but we’ve helped hundreds of people learn how develop the skills necessary to get a job.  Shauna K. is a good example. Shauna joined our Workforce Readiness Job Club through her high school BOCES program and we soon helped her get a job that matched her skills.

When she first joined the program, Shauna was interested in working in retail even though she had no experience and her cognitive disabilities would make  operating a cash register difficult.  Aware that Shauna had successfully completed the BOCES culinary program, her CAREERS’ Employment Specialist suggested that a food service position might be a better and more natural fit for her.   With our help, she completed an online application, interviewed and was hired as a kitchen worker at Phelps Memorial Hospital in Sleepy Hollow, NY.

“I really felt at ease during the interview and was able to answer questions appropriately by remembering what I learned in CAREERS’ Job Club,” Shauna said.  She is thrilled with her new job, which allows her the flexibility to attend classes at Westchester Community College in her pursuit of long-term career success.